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Words from the Alsherjargothi

We are very excited to present the Ásatrú Trúlögmál.

You can find it on our website at

We have known for a long time that a clear expression of the fundamental beliefs of the AFA was needed and today we take the first steps in presenting that in a clear and straight forward way. Please know this is the first step and is by no means all-encompassing. The intention here is to express the very fundamentals of our religion in one place, in a way that is easy for our AFA family to reference as well as a document to explain our religion to those who ask: "What is it that you guys believe?"

Speaking of Folks asking questions, we have gotten a lot of interest from Folks lately reaching out to the district websites. We are also seeing a steady flow of new members joining our AFA family. This is a great time to be Ásatrú!

I want to ask for everyone who can to join us at Óðinshof in just a few weeks for Midsummer. This will likely be the biggest AFA event of the year and is certainly our oldest continuously held celebration at our first Hof. Please contact any of our AFA leaders, myself included if you and your family would like to attend and we can get you all set up.

Hail the Heroes of Ásatrú that paved the way!

Hail the Asatru Folk Assembly!

Hail the Æsir!

Matthew D. Flavel

Alsherjargothi, Asatru Folk Assembly


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