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Bringing Our Divine Ship Captain Into Your Home

We are always thinking of ways to bring the piety of the Hofs into our homes. Knowing that a lot of people honor the gods on their days; Týr on Tuesday, Óðinn on Wednesdays, etc. we at Njörðshof have started making Monday a day of dedication for our divine ship captain, blood priest, and oath-keeper.

Monday is the day most of us start our work week so it is only fitting our Lord of Prosperity should have a special place on this day. But also, the effect Mani has on the tides of the ocean speaks to the giving god’s affinity for this day.

If you hold these days sacred to their namesakes and are in the Njörðshof District we ask that you consider joining us in making Monday a special day for Njörðr. And, when anyone asks if you have a “case of the Monday’s” you can tell them… Hail Njörðr!

Gothi Lane Ashby


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