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Ásatrú Trúlögmál

The fundamental beliefs of the Asatru Folk Assembly

  • Part I: The Æsir

    • Section I: Æsir​

    • Section II: Ásynjur

  • ​Part II: The Æsir and the Aryan Folk

    • Section I. Óðinn, Vili, and Vé give us the gifts of life​

    • Section II. The Nornir weave our Örlög

    • Section III. Heimdallr Ennobles our Folk

    • ​Section IV. Runes

    • Section V: Asatru Reforged

    • Section VI: The Asatru Folk Assembly

  • Part III: Living Asatru

    • Section I: Community​

    • Section II: Asatru Ritual

    • Section III: Nobility Through Deeds

    • Section IV: Beyond the Veil

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