Founder’s Fund

Please help to dedicate bronze statues honoring the Founder and Matron of the Asatru Folk Assembly, our first Alsherjargothi Stephen McNallen and his wife Gythia Sheila McNallen.  The plan is to install life-sized statues of these two heroes of Asatru at Sigrheim.  This photograph encapsulates so much of what Asatru is, of mastery and of devotion, of where we came from.  We are in contact with a company to recreate this iconic photograph in bronze.

These two, more than any others are responsible for the birth and development of our Asatru Folk Assembly.  What Steve McNallen has contributed is well known and it is his relationship with the Allfather Óðinn that our church and our priesthood is built upon.  What has received less attention is the decades of devotion Sheila has put in and STILL puts in to this very day.  I want us to honor them and all they have given us with these statues to stand as testament for all time.  Furthermore, it is important to do this now, while these two can see them and know they are celebrated, appreciated, and honored by this family they have built.

Please be generous and take part in this amazing gift and amazing monument!