In February, the Asatru Folk Assembly celebrates Charming of the Plow. Charming of the Plow is an Asatru holiday that celebrates the preparations for the planting season. In ancestral times as well as in more rural settings, the plow is blessed and the first furrow is dug. Often this ceremonial furrow is filled with cakes and offerings for a productive season. In the AFA we often plant a tree on this day. A key symbolism of the plow is the willful penetration, by our Folk, of the hard and unyeilding soil. Things don’t just happen, We inflict our will upon life and WE make things happen.

For Asatruar, this is a time to “charm” the implements of your own productivity. Entreating the divine to bless your tools and your plans for the year is essential to start things off right. Inviting the divine into our plans and intentions is a great way of making us aware of the sacrality that should be a part of all you do. The AFA encourages all Asatruar to be industrious in all that you do. Dream grand dreams. Make solid plans. DO big things. And after hard work, reap a bountiful harvest.

The Asatru Folk Assembly wishes all our folk a happy and meaningful Charming of the Plow.

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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