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AFA Event Listing

Midsummer in the Sierras 2012

Midsummer in the Sierras 2012 Treat yourself and your family to the power, purpose, community, and fun of an extended weekend with members and friends of the Asatru Folk Assembly. This is a family-friendly event. There will be activities, classes, and rituals for youngsters and adults alike.  FULL COLOR BROCHURE     ACCOMMODATIONS Campsites, complete with water, electricity, and tables, ring the open meadow. Restrooms with hot showers are nearby. There are private rooms and bunk rooms for those who want to sleep indoors on beds. Most rooms sleep two, but some are perfect for large families and groups of friends. They are furnished, but you will need your own bedding and towels. We can help provide these for attendees who are flying in. Contact us if you want to reserve indoor accommodations - first come, first served! If you are an individual, we may ask you to share a room since space is so limited. Please help us by registering online or sending in your Registration Form as soon as you can.  From June 21st to June 25th, come be with the Folk who make the AFA the cutting edge of the Germanic religious movement. Here is an overview of some of the things you can expect.   RITUALS ~ Welcome Blessing, Midsummer Blot, Odin Blot, Childrens’ Blessing, Wayfarers’ Blot — these are the time-honored rituals for this event. Steve McNallen will officiate at an afternoon wedding of Lauren Charlesworth and her fiancé, Jonas Anderson. All are welcome to attend. We will also conduct a sumbel, which is among the favorite rituals of the Folk. Calling up the power of the past, the might of the Gods, and the memories of the ancestors, we will infuse ourselves with sacred energy by passing a mead horn around a circle in the twinkling firelight and offering powerful toasts. WORKSHOPS ~ This Midsummer is all about giving you new skills and tools that will make your life even more successful. Among the offerings there will be runeworking, personal analysis, Runenyoga, lessons from the Eddas, effective networking, sustainable living, and building viable communities. FOLKBUILDERS ~ Many of our Folkbuilders will be with us this Midsummer. If your Folkbuilder can’t join us, then please come as your area’s regional representative! Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) P.O. Box 445, Nevada City, CA 95959 530-575-8692 CHILDREN & FAMILIES ~ Our children will enjoy arts & crafts, nature activities, games, fairytales, plus the play area and the pristine swimming pool which will be open all weekend. We have volunteer arts & crafts coordinators who are planning activities for all to include candle-making and other traditional folkarts. STARGAZING ~ There will be high-powered telescopes on site for late night stargazing. MEALS~ To keep our costs affordable, volunteers do all of the work, from planning, to shopping, to food preparation and cleanup. In the AFA, we all eat together. Each meal begins with a blessing, then all go through the buffet line to fill plates with hearty and healthy dishes. No one ever goes away hungry! VENDORS ~ WE anticipate many vendors this year. In lieu of payment, a donation to our raffle/auction is requested. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE A special meeting will be taking place so that our AFA Board of Directors, Folkbuilders, and members of the Clergy program can get an in-depth look at the AFA and do some essential planning for the future. MUSIC ~ Neo-folk at its best, performed by the legendary band, CHANGES! Robert N. Taylor has been part of the heathen scene for decades as the leader of Tribe of the Wulfings, writer, artist critic and musician. He’s been featured in dozens of music magazines, and has traveled the world sharing his music and personal philosophy. Since 1968, Robert’s been playing with his cousin, Nicholas Tesluk. It’s our honor to bring them from their home states of WV and NM and feature them here at Midsummer. You’ll also experience the unique music of Lasher Keen, known for its assortment of unusual instruments and amazing vocals. Inspired by Markus Wolff of Waldteufel, this “experimental-folk” heathen music will set the stage for our Odin blot by firelight. Follow the drumbeat to where Odin awaits!     Registration form for AFA Members   Registration form for NON-Members

At Camp Norge from 21 Jun 12 11:00 to 25 Jun 12 11:00 Hosted by Stephen & Sheila McNallenSeasonal Festivals



ZonieMoot - 3/24/12 Saturday This will be a FREE 6hr, children friendly event for the entire AZ Heathen Community! BBQ, Games, Music, Hiking, vendors/promotional booths, seminars & classes. Confirmed Promotional Booths: Twitterpated Inc, TheNorthernWinds, VikingSpiritTattoo, Asatru Folk Assembly,Krigarenve,, Odyssey Etching & Engraving, Dragon Alley Journals,, & Bronwynn's Brew. 3 Rituals for the day: A opening Blessing of the Folk, Lunch Symbel, and a closing Ancestor Blot/Candle Lighting If your interested in hosting a discussion, promo/vendor table, performing live music (unplugged), please contact me. (details below) Feel free to invite, please! Anyone found breaking Frith will be asked to leave FaceBook Event Page

At Grenada Park from 24 Mar 12 13:00 to 24 Mar 12 19:00 Hosted by Micheal ThorgallsEvents


"RUNES, GODS, and HEROES - the Way of the North", a provocative talk by Stephen McNallen, Wednesday, January 4th, 2012, 6:30 PM, Perko's Cafe (meeting

"RUNES, GODS, and HEROES - the Way of the North", a provocative talk by Stephen McNallen, Wednesday, January 4th, 2012, 6:30 PM, Perko's Cafe (meeting room), Grass Valley, California.  No charge; buy your own dinner/dessert.  Come meet with others in the area.

At Local from 04 Jan 12 19:30 to 04 Jan 12 22:30 Hosted by Stephen McNallenMeetups


Twelfth Night at the McNallens’

Twelfth Night at the McNallens’ December 31, 3 - 10 PM As the holidays come to a close, we’ll reflect on the joys and blessings that we experienced throughout the season. We’ll provide the main course and ask our guests to bring side dishes, appetizers, dessert - and their favorite beverage. Updates on this event will be posted closer to the date. Please RSVP,

At The McNallens from 31 Dec 11 16:00 to 31 Dec 11 23:00 Hosted by The mcNallensEvents,Seasonal Festivals


Community Yuletide Celebration

Community Yuletide Celebration - Noon to 5 PM, December 17th Held at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City, this is our outreach to the local community. We'll share the pre-Christian origins of our Yuletide customs, tell stories, and more.     Download PDF Flyer

At Local from 17 Dec 11 13:00 to 17 Dec 11 18:00 Hosted by The AFAEvents


Nevada County Food & Toy Run

Nevada County Food and Toy Run - 11 AM, December 10th The AFA has been offered free space for this major event, so we will have a food booth and and Asatru information booth! The Toy Run is a community highlight with over a thousand hungry bikers converging on the fairgrounds and tremendous local support. Email us for information at

At Local from 10 Dec 11 11:00 to 10 Dec 11 18:00 Hosted by Tha AFAEvents


December Asatru Meetup

December Asatru Meetup - 10 AM, December 3rd Our meetup will be held at the Marie Callender's restaurant on Sunset Blvd., in Citrus Heights. In addition to the meal there will be socializing and rune study. RSVP to the Northern California Asatru Meetup at

At Local from 03 Dec 11 11:00 to 03 Dec 11 13:00 Hosted by northern california meetupMeetups


A Folk Thanksgiving & Hand-fasting

Camp Norge, Alta, CA will be the gathering spot for a day of celebrating our traditions, our families and ancestors, and our growing friendships.   What will we do? Share our family trees, stories of Thanksgivings past, feast, do rituals, socialize, take a walk… ENJOY!   Todd Reeves and his lady Nicola have asked if they could do their handfasting with us, and of course, we’re thrilled to be a part of such an important occasion in their family.   The groom is bringing homemade mead to share. If you want to help prep for the NC Toy Run booth on December 10th, we’ll be creating some “gifts’ to sell. In case of bad weather or road conditions, we’ll notify everyone who sent an RSVP of the change of locations. So, please RSVP!   Bring: a casserole or soup, dessert or appetizer, $5.00 per person to cover costs, genealogy info if you have it, an item to add to our Community Food Bank, drinking horn, and new ideas!. Hey, you could even bring a friend!

At Camp Norge from 26 Nov 11 12:00 to 26 Nov 11 18:00 Hosted by McNallensEvents,Seasonal Festivals


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