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Articles & Essays

Title Author
Links on Self-Sufficiency and Such
Summoning the Gods: An Important Book for Asatru
Folkish Summer Hallowing - An Asatru Affirmation!
Asatru Awakening - Presentations at Midsummer, Part 3
Asatru Awakening - Midsummer Presentations, Part 2
Asatru Awakening - Presentations at Midsummer 2011, Part 1
Links - Cheap Power, Gardening, Saving Bucks on Gas
Midsummer 2011 - Asatru Breaks Through!
Asatru, a Day of Power, and Midgard's Glories
Asatru Unlimited - Midsummer in the Sierras! We're almost ready to kick off another Asatru extravaganza, in the form of the AFA's "Midsummer in the Sierras." The list of presentations is impressive. I've chosen my own topics to highlight issues that I fe
Asatru, the Arctic, and Our Future
Edward Abbey Should Have Been Asatru! Written by Stephen McNallen
The Elder Gods have arrived on my front Porch!
Links - Self-Sufficiency, Saving $$$ on Energy, Environment
An Asatru Viewpoint - No More "Mutts!"
Asatru Folk Assembly to Showcase Member Crafts
Are Genes Telepathic?
New Downloads Area on !
Waterfalls, Runes, and Asatru in Nature Written by Stephen McNallen
Life and Parachuting Written by Stephen McNallen
Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest
Taking the Gods Seriously
The Nature of Folk Religion
Genetics & Beyond: Metagenetics - An Update
FIRE and the FOG
The Eight Great Festivals of Asatru
In Defense of the Folkish View
A Code for the Fearless and Fair
Change Yourself!
Celts and Germans
Your Ancestors Matter!
2001 - Future Past/Past Future
Twelve Traits to Nourish Written by Stephen McNallen
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