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When you're trying to change the world, as the AFA is, you need all the help you can get.
Your aid is vital to helping us accomplish our goals!

For example -

1. You can follow the spiritual path of our people, as exemplified in Asatru.

There is much information on this site and elsewhere to help you get started. You can begin on your own, with a few simple observances and practices. Later, we strongly recommend that you meet others and join in the true community which is the essence of any religion.

2. You can join the AFA! 

See the series of downloadable documents under "AFA Membership" in the column to the left.

3. You can study our material, and begin linking together with others.

You may start with a study group, or with a local group called a kindred. Obviously, you can't do it by yourself - but you can help it to happen!

4. Network and connect with other AFA Members

You can contact our central office, or go to the part of our web site called The Grove, to meet others in your area.

5. You can visit our online store and purchase merchandise from us.

We have Pay Pal to make it easier for you.

6. Order books from Amazon through us, for which we will receive a commission.


The AFA gets a small percentage of every Amazon sale made by starting your search from this page. So help support the AFA by buying via our link - Bookmark this page for later


7. You can receive our e-mail updates by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These are limited to about two per month, and will hardly fill up your inbox! They will keep you posted on events, ideas, and changes as they occur here at the AFA.

8. You can make a donation.

Money will help us spread the word of the Gods and the ancestors. Like it or not, in our society money is power - and those without it are indeed powerless!


Your tax-deductible contribution is greatly appreciated!


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