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Asatru Festivals


09.23.2014 Harvest (around September 23) - At the autumn equinox, we give praise and thanks to the group of Germanic deities known as the Vanir, whose specialties are fertility, plenty, and pleasure. The best known Vanir are the twins Frey and Freya, but there are others among their ranks as well.


Winter Nights
10.13.2014 - 10.15.2014Winter Nights (October 13-15) - We exchange blessings with the essence of the female ancestors, considered collectively as the Disir. They give us their blessings as the season of cold closes in on the world and life retreats into hiding. We honor the Disir, knowing they look on from beyond the grave with loving concern for their living human kin.


12.20.2014 - 12.31.2014Yuletide (December 20-31) - This is a time for honoring the clan, both living and dead, and for celebrating the rebirth of the Sun in the depth of winter. It is marked by feasting, gift giving, visiting friends and kin, and remembering those family members who have died. Yule marks the death of one year and the birth of another, as a turning of the endless cycle.


Charming of the Plow
02.14.2015 Charming of the Plow/Disting (around February 14) - Disting is sacred to the female ancestors, to Freya, and to Vali, God of vengeance and rebirth. The earth was traditionally prepared for planting at this time, and local assemblies, or "Things," met to discuss legal matters and to give the people a chance to get together and socialize.

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