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Asatru Festivals


04.30.2014 Walburga/May Day (April 30-May 1) - Walburga is a Goddess connected with the dead who sleep in the burial mounds awaiting rebirth. Her mood is somber and foreboding, in contrast with the next day, May Day, when the theme shifts to rebirth, life, and fertility.


06.21.2014 Midsummer (June 21) - The Sun stands at her highest stead on this, the longest day - ready to begin her gradual withdrawal towards the cold and darkness of Yule. We send her our praise and loving support at this, the moment of her highest glory. Major assemblies of the Folk, such as Iceland's Althing, were held at this time.


08.23.2014 Freyfaxi/Thing's Tide (around August 23) - The powers of fertility are honored toward the end of August, as the beginning of the harvest season draws nearer. Frey, God of fertility, is give honor at this festival.


09.23.2014 Harvest (around September 23) - At the autumn equinox, we give praise and thanks to the group of Germanic deities known as the Vanir, whose specialties are fertility, plenty, and pleasure. The best known Vanir are the twins Frey and Freya, but there are others among their ranks as well.

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