I get asked a lot of questions in my role as a Gothi of the Asatru Folk Assembly, but some questions come up more often than others. Probably one of the most common questions is “Why do some AFA members put on suits and nice dresses when participating in a Blot?”
There are actually several different reasons for this…..
First, and most obvious, is out of respect for our Gods and our holy rituals. Traditionally our Folk came before kings, queens, earls, etc. in all of their best clothing, looking their very best. When they would host guests, or go to the Thing again their finest clothes would come out…………Do our Gods deserve any less? Our Gods should be revered for the powerful, holy beings that They are, and one way of showing that respect, that reverence, is to look your best when presenting yourself before Them and when going to honour Them.
Another, less understood reason, is to put an individual into the proper mindset. A person entering into one of our holy rituals to honour our Gods should be doing so with a clear mind focused on the task at hand, not cluttered with the mundane everyday thoughts that often invade our thinking. By putting on your “ritual” clothes, something separate and apart from your everyday clothing, it helps to reinforce the idea that now you are stepping away from the everyday, profane world and entering into a timeless, sacred, otherwordly place and frame of mind.
No one is going to tell you that you can’t participate in a ritual because you have on a t-shirt and pair of jeans, we aren’t that kind of church, but this brief article should help answer the “Why are they all dressed up” question.

Blaine Qualls Jr.
Gothar Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly