The old English “Maxims I” holds many of the old pagan ways of being……that is, how a noble man or woman should be expected to act. It is nominally dated to somewhere in the 7th to 8th century CE and still holds many ideas relating back to a time well before the advent of the mono folk. This short verse contains much wisdom in just a few lines.

“The nobleman must have fighting spirit, his courage must grow, and his wife be a success, liked by her people; she must be cheerful, keep secrets, be generous with horses and precious things; at mead drinking she must at all times and places approach the protector of princes first, in front of the companions, quickly pass the first cup to her lord’s hand, and know what advice to give him as joint master and mistress of the house together.”

This noble woman sounds in many ways similar to our understanding of the noble goddess Frigga, first lady of Asgard, wife of Odin. Elegant and dignified, keeper of secrets, who was known at times to advise Odin. Patroness of wive’s and mothers all across Midgarth, let Her be the honourable standard to strive for……….The noble man could be any of our Gods, valiant Tyr willing sacrifice all for his people; honourable Thor striving always to keep the enemy at bay and protect his tribe; Wise Odin always sacrificing for more knowledge to stave off chaos and maintain order for his family.

Dignity, nobility……honour…………these aren’t just catchy words designed to get your attention. These were things our men and women, our ancestors, lived and died by in elder times. The ideal of the elegant, noble housewife, or the officer(warrior) and a gentleman is one that has been around for most, if not all, of our peoples heritage. Only in the last few generations have these ideals been usurped by alien ideas of crudity and crassness within our noble folk. The War of Northern Aggression(Civil War) saw many acts of gentleman warriors and dignified ladies, noble men and women on both sides adhering to a value system inherited by their polytheistic ancestors, World War I saw a similar value system, World War II saw this value system adhered to by some, but starting to crack. Now where is our nobility, our dignity….our honour? It is seemingly proper to be the crudest of the crude whether a man or woman, it is seen as personal prerogative to throw your values away for a few coins, honour is reserved for old western movies and little else…….this is not the legacy of our ancestors, this is not what they meant for us.

Within the Asatru Folk Assembly we are striving to revive these values. To see noble, honorable men and dignified ladies raising a future generation of children not tainted by the ideals of a society that has stripped our people of their dignity and honour. The Asatru Folk Assembly is the vanguard of Asatru, we are the torchbearers for our lost folk and for future generations……….let our example today be a noble one. Let us who are here today be remembered around the fires of the next generation as honourable. Let our members, both men and women, be the examples of dignity, nobility, and honour that our lost folk and our children so desperately need in this age of degeneracy. Let the Asatru Folk Assembly stand tall and proud.

Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly