What better hero to remember and honour in this time when our own noble folk, our sacred traditions, our entire culture are under attack.
Hermann was born into a noble family of the Cherusci people(a German tribe)about 17 or 18 BC. His father was a supporter of the Romans and at the proper time Hermann was trained as a Roman soldier. He quickly rose up the ranks to eventually command a detachment of auxiliary troops.
In AD 9, at the young age of 25, Hermann tricked Publius Varus, a Roman governor of the region, unto walking into an ambush. Unbeknownst to the Romans Hermann had been building a confederation of German tribes to confront them in the Teutoberg forest. Varus marched in with 3 full legions, 3 cavalry detachments, and 6 cohorts of auxiliary troops……. over 20,000 soldiers. There in the Teutoberg they were slaughtered almost to a man.
This decisive victory was quickly followed up by a purge of all Roman garrisons east of the Rhine river. For the rest of Hermann’s life he would fight against the Romans and the pro-Roman sympathizers within his own people. Most modern historians view the battle of the Teutoberg forest as Rome’s greatest defeat. It allowed the German folk to grow and mature as a culture with little overt outside influence until the coming of Attila in the 400’s.

Hail Hermann!!! Noble hero of the Cherusci.

In honour of his name get up, get out—— go and do something. Organize a meet and greet with other Asatru Folk Assembly members and folkish Asatruars; Go hiking through a forest and try to imagine how it must of been there amongst the trees battling for the future of the German folk; Get yourself added to the AFA volunteer list and help where you are able…….. Hermann was a doer, let us be doers as well. Let us do something to help our Folk and preserve our heritage now.

Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly