Perthro, “lot cup” is the mystery of the unfurling future, the rune of orlog and of wyrd being born into reality. We all come into this world with an orlog laid down by our ancestors, for good or for ill, this is where we start. We build our wyrd by our actions, by great deeds we build a bright future for ourselves and our folk. None of us know what the future will bring, peace and abundance or struggle and strife. It is easy to become stressed about the future and to fear the unknown. The great heroes of old however, were marked by facing the future with joy and boldness, testing their luck and the wyrd the had built for themselves. “Lot box is always play and laughter among bold men, where warriors sit in the beer hall, happily together.”, so says the Old English Rune Poem. Do right, build a powerful hamingja and face the future filled with joy and courage. Struggles will come, face them with a confident bearing and let the die be cast. We were built for struggle, struggle is how we win glory, struggle is how heroes are made. Together, let us laugh and raise a horn, ready for whatever the future may hold, proud and bold as the heroes of old.
Matt Flavel
Alsherjargothi, AFA