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Fallfest II

Had a great time in Minnesota and met a lot of great folks, I had only known on face book. Face to face is where our faith and community’s really happen. And from my experience it’s what the AFA does best. Just a few years ago this region consisted of a few groups of two or three guys doing blot in there back yards. Last year they had their first event, this year was at least double what it was last year and the quality of community is top notch. With committed leadership, a active membership, and perseverance , this model can work anywhere. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality and making us feel like we were among family. Can’t wait to go back! Hail the AFA!

Marc MacLeod
Folkbuilder Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly

Midsummer 2017

First thing I want to say, is thank you to everyone that showed up and made this Midsummer such a huge success. Not just in being the largest event we have ever done, but the effort everyone put in to make every detail, over the top and special!! The weekend is just now sinking in for me and I am so proud to be of service to this organization and it’s membership. To the special moments like the naming of the newest member of our community, the oathing in of leadership, to Matt and Mandy’s wedding , we all grew closer. To the amazing effort of our Gothar in making our rituals epic and very much over the top, thank you! From the children’s blot and activity’s, our future generation is strong !! The heart felt presentations, the bonds we made working out and doing galdr meditations in the mornings really hit home the fact that we are all pushing each other to be better. And last but not least every last person that attended and dealt with the 100+ heat and still contributed 100% every time there was a task that needed done, you all make me very proud! I’m human and too much time on social media wears on me like everyone else, but after weekends like these, I have no doubts that we are doing things right!! WE DO ASATRU !! Not just talk about it.

Marc MacLeod
Folkbuilder Coordinator, AFA